Web Design & Hosting

Our web design service brings an arsenal of tools to help present your business/organization online with excellence and elegance. We also give the option to other web designers to buy space from us to host their web projects with us.

We give our customers an inclusive design experience that is excellent; our websites are easy to update with content, images, calendar and forms. Each web project comes standard with:

  • Domain Name
  • 24 months of hosting
  • SSL Certificate (security for online payments. Green bar certificate with encryption up to 256-bit)
  • 10 designed pages (w/ unlimited page creation by the client)
  • Web Form tools for registrations, contact pages, surveys & more
  • 30 email accounts
  • 21-day completion time (fast track service available for an additional cost.)

As an addition service we also offer a full web maintenance package. Outside of updating the technical side of websites, we’ll also update your content on pages, calendars, create forms, update team pages and other contact you want to update but don’t have time for.

Our basic web services start at $1550 and offer a wide range of options for designs. Contact us and get started today.

As consultants, we focus on real world business management answers while making efficient use of resources used worldwide. Our services are positioned very carefully: they will be of extremely high quality, relevant, timely and accurate, tailored to the clients’ needs to enable them to make the right decisions, in turn leading towards growth of their companies.

We provide clear and compelling guidance, challenging, and going beyond what is asked or expected to make a positive difference and be rewarded for the value we deliver. We encourage fresh thinking and ideas, taking the initiative for our clients, working quickly and smartly, applying our adaptive intelligence to take informed risks and break new ground. We focus wholeheartedly on our clients, working closely and openly with them to look after their best interests long-term. We have a positive can-do attitude, readily adapting to needs and circumstances – working our clients as partners with success in mind.

We specialize in but not limited to church/non-profit/NGO administration and management. We offer virtual consulting as well as travel as consultants.

Costs start at $50/hour, we bill at 3 hours minimum per session. Special pricing available on an as needed. Contact us for more information.

Corporate Consulting

Video Production

Our video design, promo, editing, and production services use the latest in available technology to help us create stunning HD quality. Our video projects come with fully licensed sound, graphics, and other video resources, all included in 1 single costs. To view samples of the works we have created visit our portfolio.

Video Productions and animations start at $175. Contact us to get your project started.

Since the mid 2000’s starting with Antwon James, A. D. James Corporation has designed logos, flyers, business cards, programs for churches, funeral, and graduations. We hold memberships with all major licensing entities for images, fonts, and graphic related resources. We work to bring your design to fruition and continue to work with all industries, organizations, and cultures.

  • Flyer Design 
  • Logos starting at 
  • Business Card/Post Card Design
  • Brochures (bifold/3 fold)
  • Program/Manual Design starting at 

Contact us with any questions, we can serve you. Our graphic design services start at $100.

Graphic Design

App Development

From setting an alarm to music, people turn to mobile apps for help in life. We work with a team of world class global app developers with proven records in developing mobile applications for Android, iOS, and hybrid app solutions.

It is important that the users are considered in the planning stage to ensure that the app is developed using a solution that will cater for potential customers or end-users and be compatible with leading mobile devices.

Apps vary in complexity and therefore cost but an Android or an iOS app (which are called native apps as they are built using the native operating system) can require a larger investment compared with alternative app development options such as hybrid apps and web apps.

We can partner with you to design mobile app solutions of any type to benefit your business and customers.

Contact us for a quote and pricing.