Navigating Through A Pandemic and Recalibrating for The Future

DALLAS, TEXAS — As the world continues to navigate the lingering sting of the COVID-19 pandemic; we like many businesses large and small have had to make difficult decisions to escape bankruptcy and permanent shutdowns. With a vast digital footprint and low overhead, we are still able to operate, albeit minimal. Throughout this ordeal we have partnered with the likes of United Way, Facebook, SBA, Ureeka, U. S. Chamber of Commerce and many other business-oriented entities to consult our way through this haze of unknowns. With their continued help, we have reached the moment that we can now reclaim our time and re-open our full slate of services.

Along this journey we weathered losing valuable team members to this virus, as well as losing over 80% in revenue. This company remains steadfast in our vision to build on excellence.  We want to share some aspects with you regarding our way ahead.


Starting March 8, 2021, we will enter a new era for our web design and hosting infrastructure. In the past few months prior to the pandemic, we made significant investments in servers and speed. These investments were made to ensure that the quality of our services met the cost to our consumers. With the economic harm of the pandemic, we have made changes to our service offerings and the costs of these services.

The necessary decision to not renew any contracts or agreements for websites hosted and/or designed by us was made.  As an extended courtesy we will continue to host only, sites currently on our servers until May 10, 2021. At that time, any sites remaining will be removed. We are highly recommending Squarespace® as an alternative website service. They are the premiere place for affordable DIY websites with simplistic instructions to allow you to setup a great website.

Unfortunately, we are not able to grandfather or rollover, any prior contracts to new web design & hosting service.

Our new web product pricing starts at $1550, adjusted to meet the economic climate while still being well below the average cost of a custom website using our preferred content management platform. To view features, visit for more information.


  • As we begin to focus on the way ahead, one path is to ensure efficient and effective communication. While we do not offer a phone-based customer service option continues to be the fastest method to address any questions or issues that arise with our services. This is the ONLY method of communication for business with A. D. James Corporation.
  • In the last year we have had the opportunity to partner with Google, Facebook, and Microsoft among others to bolster our operations. With agreements on record, we anticipate a perpetual relationship with our new partners to help guide and propel us in the right direction.
  • By visiting you will see updated pricing for all our services. These raised costs balance and reflect the current economic climate while maintaining low costs to our consumers.
  • For our consulting clients who need to mail us documents that cannot be scanned or need a physical signature, all documents and information can be sent to:

A. D. James Corporation
3131 McKinney Ave Ste. 502
PMB 98392
Dallas, Texas 75204

  • All services require a mandatory, nonnegotiable 50% deposit before work begins. Consulting clients will have a different requirement that will be presented in their service contract.

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FAQ Regarding Web Design & Hosting:

  • Will my contract be honored? Contracts entered after March 8, 2021 are not affected by this. Contracts prior to will not be renewed.
  • I have a project under development what about me? Contracts entered after March 8, 2021 are not affected by this.
  • How will my website be maintained? All websites will continue to be monitored for technical issues if any only. We will not make any changes or updates to any site. Hosting is an extended courtesy until May 10, 2021.
  • If I have questions about my site or run into a problem who do I contact? Should there be any concerns or if technical trouble is encountered you can email, someone will try to get back with you as soon as time allows.
  • Why can’t my site remain with the company? While we would love to continue hosting some sites, unfortunately it would not be possible.
  • What happens now? Simply put nothing. Everything will continue to run as normal. All administrative and technical demands will be met by A. D. James Corporation.
  • Can I get to keep my domain name? Yes, your domain would need to be transferred to another registrar. We recommend GoDaddy, LLC. as the domain registrar of choice. We have already started requesting what is called a domain auth code for the domains on our servers. During the process of purchasing your transfer GoDaddy or any registrar will request this information. When you receive this information, you MUST keep this to process the transfer. After May 10, 2021, all domains will be deleted and will be out of our control.
  • How do I keep my current site design? Unfortunately, not. Any images, technical codes, plugins, and other proprietary products used are licensed to A. D. James Corporation and cannot be transferred. Any wording, content, or pictures you may own was sent from the client themselves, so there would be no need to send files.